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Brownie aka "Sugar Rush"
Ian Woodley Photography

     Brownie joined WEC in 2019 and has been a great addition to our riding school. He is a 2013 Paint standing at 14.2hh. Brownie has done lots of cross country and competed to Entry level at recognized OEA events. He is a lovely jumper and very brave. 

Lauzon Photography

     Sugarfoot came to WEC all the way from New Brunswick thanks to his owner Barb Litalien in 2019 and is a favourite amongst our littlest riders. He is a 2009 Shetland paint standing at 11.2hh. Sugarfoot is sweet natured and always keeps his riders safe. 

Zuma aka "Lets Zoom"
Lauzon Photography

     Zuma joined WEC in 2021 and quickly become a favourite for both our beginner and more intermediate riders. Zuma is a 2015 Paint standing at 14.1hh. He spent the last two summers going Entry level at recognized OEA events and also safely carting around our little riders around their first event at the starter level.

Dickie aka "Little Dickie"
Lauzon Photography

     Dickie was the first school horse here at WEC back in 2018. He is a 2014 Welsh pony standing at 12hh. Dickie is a careful and cute jumper and is great for our ambitious little riders who want to compete.  

Olaf aka "Warm Hugs"

Olaf came to WEC in 2021 and quickly showed us his sweet and gentle personality. Olaf has plenty of experience safely taking our riders around our in-house jumper and dressage shows and giving them lots of confidence. Olaf is a 2015 Welsh Thoroughbred standing at 15.2hh. 

Lauzon Photography

Hearts came to us in 2019 all the way from New Brunswick. Ailsa and Patti Morrison have owned Hearts for over a decade and she's quite the experienced pony having done dressage and jumpers for many years. Hearts is a 2003 Welsh pony standing at 11.3hh. She is very sweet natured, a favourite for our beginner riders. 

HM Photography
Oliver aka "Hashbrown"
Liv Drouillard Photography

Oliver also known as "Ollie" was the second pony to join WEC riding school in 2019. Ollie is the cutest jumper and has done lots of our in-house shows as well as some SOCTA events. Ollie is a 2014 Paint standing at 12hh. 

HM Photography

Mingo came to WEC in 2019 and is great for our beginner to intermediate students. He's done a bit of everything from jumpers, dressage to cross country, and he is always happy to work. Mingo is a 2008 Welsh pony standing at 14hh. 

HM Photography

Paddington joined WEC in 2019 and quickly became loved by all of our students and staff. Paddington has a wonderful personality and there isn't much he can't do - jumping, dressage, and cross country. He loves having a job and keeping his riders safe. Paddington is a 2014  Belgian X Quarter horse standing at 15.3hh. 

HM Photography

Rocky is the newest addition to the WEC riding school. Rocky is a 2017 Clyde X Thoroughbred standing at 15.1hh. Rocky has a been their done that attitude and doesn't let anything phase him, he's very sweet and loves to please, we're very happy to have him in our program. 

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